Burns & Co Company Principal, Ashley Burns, has a long and successful involvement with Clearing Auctions or Clearing Sales going back to the late 1980’s. Ashley has been the instigator and organiser of many large clearing sales throughout South Australia and N.S.W for over 15 years before relocating to Mildura in 2001 and purchasing the business known at that time as Stockdale & Leggo Real Estate. So, on that basis it really was inevitable that a clearing auction side of the business would begin within this real estate business hence the creation of Burns & Co Auctions.


A successfully run, well organised clearing auction led by an experienced auctioneer is becoming a dying art. There is no better sight than a passionate auctioneer in full flight and Ashley and his team certainly brings this passion, enthusiasm and experience to their clients though Burns & Co Auctions.

Burns & Co Auctions can either provide an in-house auction service or a sale on your property………..the choice is yours.


Burns & Co have opened up new and larger auction rooms at 57 – 59 Eighth Street, Mildura where we now conduct specialty auctions and regular monthly in house auctions. Burns & Co have recently completed full estate sales, engineering works, business dispersals, stock clearances, feature antique and collectable auctions, viticultural and in house multi vendor sales all with the same vigour, passion and experience one would expect from professional auctioneers.


All sales are fully catalogued with extensive print media, database, YouTube exposure and of course through our very own website